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Your Highness (2011)

Not all of us are born with a golden spoon stuck into our little mouths. And not all of us are lucky to be raised into the world with an older brother who can take care of things for us while we sit tight and just goof around looking for trouble. Just like Prince Thadeous (Danny McBride) of the upcoming film Your Highness on April 8, 2011. Starring funnyman Danny McBride, charmer James Franco, dainty smarty Zooey Deschanel and Natalie Portman, Your Highness tells the tale of a younger brother who reluctantly helps his big bro win the fight against an evil wizard who kidnapped his older brother’s lovely bride-to-be. Now, I will enumerate reasons on why you should watch Your Highness online here at

If you’re a prince who’s definitely a good-for-nothing nutcase and prefers to indulge on export-quality wizard’s weed, binge on the kingdom’s smoothest rum and booze, and flirt with the royal court’s loveliest maidens while letting your six-pack evolve into a potbelly, then you should clink snifters and mugs with Thadeous. He’s got every vice and whim a prince could wish for. As the younger son of a king, all he has to do is watch his brother from a window flutter like a true warrior in chainmail garb ready to bring the good news of victory to his kingdom. But all of these dreams faltered when Fabious, his big brother enlisted his help in order to pursue an evil wizard named Leezar (Justin Theroux) who captivated his fiancée, Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel). Reluctantly, his Royal Highness Thadeous darned armor, because the moment he declines his father’s and brother’s wish to help save Belladonna, he’ll get cut off from inheritance.

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With sheer reluctance, he set sails on his first ever quest. Joined by a wide-eyed and stunning vagabond named Isabel who’s got her trusty bow and arrow and a suave accent, plus her own elusive agenda, the siblings must vanquish evil creatures and renegade knights that bloc their path toward Belladonna. If only Thadeous can find his true, inner hero, he could even help his brother save their kingdom from destruction. Stay a worthless nutcase and not only does he pass away a coward and a fool, he also gets free coach tickets aboard new Dark Ages.

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