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Watch Wilfred (US) Season 1 Episodes Online

Watch Wilfred (US) season 1 episodes online here at The latest American version of Wilfred stars the Lord of the Ring star, Elijah Wood playing Ryan with Jason Gann reprising his role as the dog friend by Ryan. This series was based on the Australian series with the same title which original airs on SBS One. The new version airs every Thursday night on FX network. The first season of the black comedy series is composed of 8 episodes namely with titles 1. Happiness, 2. Trust, 3. Fear, 4. Acceptance, 5. Respect, 6. Conscience, 7. Pride and 8. Anger. The series was already renewed for the 2nd season and will also be composed of 8 episodes.

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An average of over 2 million viewers watch this series on FX ever since it premiered on the said network. For the story of the series it is basically about the life of a Ryan, a young man whose life is in almost in a trash as he attempted to commit suicide as his suicidal alignment but things change when Wilfred comes to his life. Wilfred is actually a dog of his female neighbor named Jenna which he sees differently. In Ryan’s eyes, he sees Wilfred as an Australian guy who is wearing a funny dog suit but to others they see Wilfred as just ordinary house dog. This where all things started to rumble in the life of Ryan as Wilfred is always getting involved with his life.


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