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Watch V Season 2 Episode 1 Online for Free

Watch V Season 2 episode 1 online for free here at V season 2 episode 1 is the premiere episode of the 2009 ABC TV series originated from the 1983’s series with the same name. The said episode is entitled as “Red Rain” and continued the story where it left off last year. V is yet another story of an alien invasion and with the newest season a new hybrid baby was introduced.

The following shows a brief summary of what to expect from the current episode plus the official promotional teaser of the TV show:

In the aftermath of the events of “Red Sky”, Erica goes looking for a scientist who can tell her what the red sky is and learns the horrifying truth about the V’s true intentions, On the mothership, Ryan is kept in isolation so Anna can experiment on his new born hybrid baby. After being used by Anna, Chad decides to join the fifth column.

Now, if you want to watch V season 2 episode 1 online, then check out the watch button above. We will feature V episode beginning this 2011.


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