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Watch Thor movie online here at Talk about demigods with the perfectly bronzed skin, well-toned abs and biceps, plus great knees, and a nicely fitting breast plate and armor that are perfect for just a gorgeous deity. Ever heard of Thor? Now if you haven’t heard of the ruthless and fast-paced thunder god from Norse mythology named Thor, then better head to theaters on May 6, 2011.

From animated films magnate Marvel Studios comes a new breed of superhero: Thor. He came from a place where magic and science is one and the same, where in our world we call it science, and in Asgard they call it magic. Taking you up in a vortex of no return and back in time into the ancient realm of Asgard, the motion picture blockbuster revolves around Thor, who is a valiant and powerful warrior who’s got an air of arrogance with him and whose reckless incapacity waged a war from a bygone era. After he is punished by the gods for being imprudent and careless, he is exiled into present-day Earth where even the top-secret and elite CIA are baffled with his strength, spirit, and stamina; making them feel as if they’re minimum-waged mall cops whenever this then-mysterious guy is around.

Not a single human knows that the Mighty Thor is cast down to the Earth and as punishment, he is forced to live with humans. With the help of a beautiful human warrior (Natalie Portman), Thor will definitely realize what it takes to be called a true hero, when his beloved Asgard sends its dark forces and deadliest villains into the Earth to invade all humankind.

Thor also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Hopkins, and newcomer Kat Dennings. Directed by actor-director Kenneth Branagh, Thor will hit theaters on the 6th of May, from Paramount Pictures, so don’t miss it!

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