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Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 13 Online – Bringing Out the Dead

Watch The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 13 online for free with an episode name of “Bringing Out the Dead” which aired February 2, 2012 Thursday night. You can do the watching of the said episoe via the link to be pointed after this line.

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Now if you are looking for the recap of  this episode, I would like to mention the following recap from Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Read the recap below but I am warning you this will spoil everything and I advice that you don’t read the following recap if you don’t want to be annoyed by the spoilers.

Also on this post, you can find a video showing the promo or clip of the episode plus the current poster of TVD for the month of February 2012. Hope you like it!

We pick up right where we left off: with newly-undaggered Elijah and Klaus. After a scuffle, Klaus tells his brother that their father Mikael is dead and asks Elijah to help him destroy Stefan. Once they do, their family can finally be whole again—especially after they recover the fourth coffin.

Elena and Alaric get a surprise morning visitor—Sheriff Forbes, who informs them that murdered Brian the Medical Examiner was killed with a stake that came from Elena’s family’s weapons stash. Worse still, it’s got Elena’s fingerprints and Elena’s fingerprints alone on it. She calls Damon to discuss; he thinks Ric’s new flame Dr. Fell must be behind it, but Elena refuses to believe that Alaric’s love life “is that tragic.” If it’s not her, though, it must be connected to Klaus somehow—or maybe Stefan.

Then Damon hangs up. He has an important meeting with an old pal: Elijah! Damon asks the Original if he knows what might be in Mystery Coffin #4.

Meanwhile, Stefan leads Bonnie and Abby into the Lockwood caves, where Damon’s stashed said coffin. Though Bonnie’s mother is still claiming she doesn’t have any powers, Stefan tells her she’d better find them; if not, they’ll all be killed by Klaus.

When he exits the caves, Stefan finds Elena. She asks point blank if he killed the medical examiner. Stefan tells her to believe what she wants—then wonders if she’s asked Damon if he’s behind it. Hey jealousy! Silence. Smoldering looks. Stefan walks away.

At the hospital, Dr. Meredith Fell tells Caroline that while her father wasn’t happy to learn he’d been cured by vampire blood, he’s doing better and has already been discharged. Caroline carries the news to Elena, who’s also in the hospital. (She also tells her friend that Meredith seems perfectly nice and not at all like a psycho. Just wait, Caroline.) The blonde vamp calls her discharged dad, only to learn that his phone is still in the hospital… and so is he. Bill’s throat has been slashed, and he’s been stabbed in the stomach to boot.

Because Bill has vampire blood in his system, he’s not exactly dead. But he’s also refusing to drink blood, which would turn him into a full-fledged vampire. Uh-oh.

In the cave, Bonnie pointedly tells Abby about the cave paintings, which tell the tale of a mother who loved her children so much that she turned them into vampires to keep them safe. After examining their grimoire, the witchy women discover an unsealing spell that needs to be performed by two members of the same generation. Jackpot.

Damon tellsna shirtless Stefan to get dressed (boo!); he’s going to try to keep Klaus away from the coffin by brokering a deal between the Salvatore and the Original. Stefan isn’t into the idea… though really, he’s mostly still mad because Damon kissed Elena. His brother tells Stefan to get over himself so they can negotiate this fake truce.

After taking inventory, Elena and Ric learn that the knife that was used on Bill came from their own stores. It seems Meredith—who’s seen the weapons—might be behind the murders after all.

The Salvatores arrive at the home of the Originals, prepared for the most awkward dinner party ever. There’s dining and smirking, but mostly there’s snarking—Klaus makes snide comments about Stefan, Stefan makes snide comments about Klaus, Damon makes snide comments about everyone.

Elena and Caroline sit outside Caroline’s house while her ailing father sits inside. There’s some talk of Dr. Fell and Tyler—Caroline wonders if he’s behind her father’s attack—but mostly, they’re just trying to comfort each other in the face of forthcoming tragedy. Caroline tries to hold it together, but when Matt arrives, she really breaks down.

At Vampire headquarters, Elijah asks after Elena, not realizing he’s opened a can of worms. This leads the Originals to reminisce about the first member of the Petrova line: a beautiful girl named Tatia who was loved by both Elijah and Klaus. (Sound familiar?) To end their feud, their mother took Tatia’s blood and used it to turn her kids into vampires. Well, that’s one way to settle an argument. Though they had a falling-out over their shared object of desire, Klaus and Elijah eventually learned to honor family bonds above all else.

In the cave, Bonnie is frustrated; her mother just isn’t trying hard enough. But after Bonnie airs some of her anger at Abby, Abby resolves to open herself up to the magic—and this time, they start to make some progress. Excited, Bonnie leaves the cave to tell Damon the good news. But when she exits, Abby suddenly finds that whatever’s in the coffin has fought its way out.

Damon sees Bonnie’s text, which says that she needs more time with the coffin, and decides to go ahead with the whole truce thing. He tells Klaus that he and Stefan are prepared to return the coffin if the Originals go away forever and leave both the Salvatores and Elena alone. Klaus doesn’t want to leave the source of his hybrid-making blood, though. He muses that between Damon and Stefan, it’s only a matter of time before Elena is killed or turned into a vampire. Damon leaves to get some air.

Matt walks Elena home from Carolines. They’ve had a rough night—and it’s just about to get rougher. Shortly after stepping inside, they find that the power is out… and worse, there’s blood everywhere. Alaric’s blood.

He’s sitting at the top of the stairs, alive but bleeding badly from a knife in the stomach. Though Matt wants to call 911, Elena stops him—since he’s wearing his ring, if he dies of supernatural causes, he’ll be brought back to life. Since Elena is a supernatural being, she stabs him in the heart.

At Kalus’s den, Damon walks back into the room asking for a counter-offer from Klaus. Klaus says he’s offering Elena’s future happiness: he’ll protect her so that she can fall in love with a human and have children. That way, the Petrova bloodline will continue and she’ll be safe. For a moment, it seems that Stefan’s going to take the offer—but he tells Klaus there’s no deal. Klaus responds by grabbing Stefan’s hand, thrusting it into the fire and telling Damon that if he doesn’t bring the coffin, he’ll kill his brother. He asks that Elijah go with Damon to ensure he does what he’s told.

Caroline and her father reminisce; he’s weak. She tells him one more time that he can change his mind, that he doesn’t have to die. But Bill has his beliefs: he thinks people shouldn’t cheat death, and he asks her to respect that. It’s a tough pill to swallow, and Caroline gets angry, but her father soothes her, telling her that she’s exactly who he and Sheriff Forbes hoped she would grow up to be. She begs him not to leave her, and it’s truly, truly heartbreaking. I think I have something in my eye.

Stefan dares Klaus to kill him, and Klaus asks the Salvatore where his fighting spirit has gone. Soon, though, he has other problems to worry about: Elijah walks back into the room, revealing that instead of going to fetch the coffin, he’s undaggered Rebekah and the other two Originals: Finn and Kol. As the other siblings take turns stabbing Klaus, Elijah tells Damon and Stefan to go: “This is family business.” Awesome.

Elena learns that Caroline’s father is dead. She tearfully asks if Matt will stay with her until Ric wakes up, then cries that she can’t lose any more family. Cripes, this is such a tearjerker.

As they’re leaving Klaus’s, Stefan admits that Damon was right about undaggering Elijah. He also acknowledges that Damon could have let Klaus kill him, which would mean having Elena all to himself. Damon says he didn’t save his brother on her account—hooray, family ties! Then again, they’re both still in love with her.

The sheriff tells Elena that Meredith has an alibi; she couldn’t have attacked Alaric because she was in surgery when he was stabbed. Still, someone else is trying to pick off members of the Founders Council with Elena’s weapons. Looks like the gang’s going to have their work cut out for them; at least a living-again Ric will be able to assist them.

The Salvatores go to the caves and discover that both Bonnie and her mother are unconscious. But the coffin’s open; whatever (or whoever) was in it is has left.

Klaus’s siblings ignore his explanations and tell him that they’re going to leave him alone forever—right after they kill the doppelganger. Klaus vows to hunt them down, even though that’ll make him no better than their father. And then a new figure walks into the room: their mother, Esther. Turns out she was in the fourth coffin. The kids are stunned. Esther approaches Klaus and commands him to look at her. She asks if he knows why she’s there, and Klaus responds that she’s there to kill him. That’d make sense, since he once killed her. But no, it seems that Esther has turned the other cheek: she tells Klaus that he’s her son, and she’s there to forgive him. Then the Original Witch turns to her other children and tells them that she wants to be a family again. This ought to be good

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