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The Flash 2014 series airs every Tuesday on The CW. The fastest man in the super hero world is added to the list of great heroes in the said network aligning to Arrow, and Super-man (Smallville). The said series will follow the scientist Barry Allen, who suffers a freak accident that turns him into a superhero with the power of incredible speed. Casts of the series which premiered on Oct. 7 are Grant Gustin playing Barry Allen aka Flash, Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, and Jesse L. Martin.

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Here are the list of the episodes for the first season of The Flash (2014) series with the links on Telepisodes for further details about each episodes and links to various online streaming sites to watch them.

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So what can you say about this The Flash series? Did The CW did it with “justice?” I think comic fans will be glad to say something about this. Watch The Flash now and find out yourself if they did great making the comic hero live on TV.

After the successful reception on The CW series, The Flash, the series gained a second and third season which follows our here as he discover more of his potentials and the consequences that he will be facing due to time traveling and changing the course of time. He also faces several villains that was the effect of what happen in the first season (particle explosion) and his time travel.

Summary and Conclusion

The first season of The Flash focuses on how Barry became The Flash and how he gain the speed that he’s currently enjoying in the latest season. Here we can watch how his Star Labs team have formed and trusts were developed between members of “The Flash” team and how it is destroyed by betrayal by Wells. Meanwhile, the highlight of the second season focuses on how the speedster can travel back in time and change it and see the consequences after it. The story revealed in The Flash season 2 the different Earths that exists. Zoom is the main villain in the said season. The 3rd season post some exciting new events in the TV series wherein more speedsters both villain and heroes are revealed which includes Kid Flash, Jessie Quick and the God of Speed, Savitar. Also, Wells from other universe aside from Earth-2 Wells plays a big role in reforming the team after the Flashpoint Paradox and after a certain burst of speed force, Barry was blasted to the future to see what is in store with him and his “Star Labs family” which influences his decisions and actions in the present time.

Watching the TV show as it progresses makes it a strong contender in the top ratings in television. However, the crossover shows which involves other character in the “The CW” universe makes it sometimes weak and “over-killed” sometimes. I hope in the future crossover episodes, the The Flash series team development could find a much better story line to highlight the show.


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