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The Beaver (2011)

All of us experience pain and suffering, loneliness, and even the deepest trenches of depression once or twice in our lives. Especially when you’re a woman who anticipates mood swings and down-quilt depression once a month. But then one man tries to wrestle with what life has to offer, especially when his wife and kids leave him for his disturbing hallucinations, and plain silly antics. Academy Award winner Jodie Foster pairs up with another Academy Award winner Mel Gibson for The Beaver, an emotional and clearly inspirational story of a man who wrestles with his own demons and gets back his family and rediscover a life that’s worth living for.

Walter Black is once a successful toy executive of one of the biggest toy companies in the country, until he wakes up one day, baffled by the fact that he doesn’t know how best to deal with his life anymore. Figures, most people who suffer from depression are those who belong to the upper, elite bracket of the society, while most psychoses and mania tend to dwell on the slums. Walter wanted his old life back, a wife and kids who left him because of his disturbing antics like sleeping in the sofa at night instead of tucking himself in bed, or just plain miserable. As he faces his own demons, somewhere in that chasm of his life, he stumbles upon a toy beaver in the dumpsters. He starts to befriend the dishrag of a stuffed toy and eventually sprints back to normal life, happy and restored.

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He’ll remind you of a silly character who’s got a chocolate brown teddy bear, mind you, the difference is this one’s deadpan silly and really depressed. Taking theaters by storm on May 6, 2011, Jodi Foster directs the motion picture, which also stars Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence, and Riley Thomas Stewart.


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