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Watch Supernatural Season 7 Episode 18 Online

Watch Supernatural season 7 episode 18 online with an episode name of “Party on, Garth” which is an episode where Sam and Dean will surely be very drunk on their way to stop a certain creature from Japan. This happen when they get a surprise call from Garth who asks for their assistance for a certain case. The Winchester brothers soon discover that they will be dealing with a Japanese creature called Shojo who was sent to find revenge on enemies.

The problem with battling with the said Shojo creature is that they can only see it when you are drunk. So we will expect a lot of of dizziness and groggy episode for the Supernatural series. Imagine, you need to take on a “sadako” like creature while your are so into the alcohol spirit.

If you want to watch Supernatural season 7 episode 18 online, just proceed to the following link below.

What can you say with the episode? Well, it will surely rock and definitely throw Sam, Dean and Garth wasted away! 🙂


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