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Watch Supernatural Season 6 Finale (Ep. 21 and 22) Online

Watch Supernatural season 6 finale online replay for free here here at ShowFreeVids which air date is May 20, 2011 Friday at 9pm ET. The two episodes will be the last of the 6th season of the series and will feature the ending of the post apocalyptic angel’s battle. The titles of the two episode are “Let It Bleed” and “The Man Who Knew Too Much” which both will be the two episode that will reveal the ending of Castiel and Crowley’s agreement that will lead to something that will surely shock everyone.

Meanwhile, I am wondering what will happen with Lisa and Ben. Will they survive this one or be just part of those guys who were victim of the “collateral damage” cause by the continuous struggle of the two brothers. It will really devastate Dean if something will happen to these guys. Meanwhile, Sam’s trouble of his Hell’s experience will add up to the headache of the casts of this series. His sanity will surely be affected and his mental state will surely can’t take it.

Well, for the rest of the story of season finale of the episode, just watch Supernatural season 6 episode 21 and 22 here at for the great ending of the episode. Enjoy it while 7th season is coming!


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