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Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 17 Online

One of the highly anticipated series that will return this April 2011 is the Winchester TV show Supernatural which is on its 6th season already. On April 15, 2011 Supernatural season 6 episode 17 will be airing with an episode title “My Heart Will Go On” – yeah it sounds like the theme song of the Titanic movie :). Well maybe this is the case as the things that happens to them seems to be a lot to take. Imagine, they kill their own blood – their grand father and Sam did it, the original Sam packed with his original soul. Tsk, even Dean feel the same way ‘coz even if you’re in their feet you might do the same thing. But blood is blood. They will still feel something about what happened. This article was original posted in so if you’ll see this in other website, it is more likely copied so just leave that site and proceed to the real source. 🙂

But on this next episode of Supernatural, things will be more dangerous as they are about to face the post apocalyptic monster that they’ve never met in their entire life. If you can remember, in just a single small worm, 3 of the best hunters died in one night. What if the whole “mother of all” demon or whatever you can call it, come in full force with the Winchesters will they can stand the power? Of course, Castiel would not just stand their and watch them die.

Oh well, the hellatus and pain of waiting is so annoying but its less than a month and we can see them back.

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