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On the 5th season of Supernatural TV Series, the Winchester brothers – Sam and Dean, team up again to face the newest and I think the most difficult challenge that they have ever face on their evil-kicking adventures. They will be fighting the Lord of evils, Lucifer and it seems that they are obliged to kill him to end the Apocalypse. Now, here are the episodes of the Supernatural in Season 5:

  1. Episode 1 (S05E01): Sympathy for the Devil – This is the episode that comes after Sam initiated the Apocalypse by breaking the last seal which is killing Lilith. Here the gates of hell opened and someone rescued the Winchesters. This is also the episode where Dean was informed that he is the vessel of Michael while Lucifer is convincing his ‘temporary’ vessel. Watch this episode (S05E01).
  2. Episode 2 (S05E02): Good God Y’All – This is the episode where the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse appeared and bring war to a certain town. Sam and Dean discovered this hallucinations that causes the people to kill each other and get the ring from WAR to end the crazy killings. Watch it here (S05E02).
  3. Episode 3 (S05E03): Free to be you and me – This is the episode where Sam and Dean go their separate ways after their encounter with WAR. This is also the episode where Lucifer revealed to Sam that he is his “official vessel.” Watch episode 3 here (S05E03).
  4. Episode 4 (S05E4): The End – Dean here time traveled and seen the possible future that lies ahead. He saw the possible things that might happen in the apocalypse. This is the episode where Sam and Dean reconciled and decided to fight again together. Watch it here (S05E04).
  5. Episode 5 (S05E5): Fallen Idols – The episode story surrounds on a certain “God of Idols” who mimic celebrities or personalities that is idolized by people and consumed this people as his meal. Watch episode 5 here (S05E05).
  6. Episode 6 (s05e6): I Believe the Children Are Our Future – A powerful half human-half devil kid is featured on this episode where kid nightmares comes to life. Watch episode 6 here (S05E06).
  7. Episode 7 (S05E7): The Curious Case of Dean Winchester – You will see here Dean on his old age when he lost a poker game with a warlock and lost his age in the process. Watch episode 7 here (S05E07).
  8. Episode 8 (S05E08): Changing Channels – Is trickster back on this episode? You will see that it is like that but actually its Archangel Gabriel. See how Sam and Dean was trap inside TV shows. Watch episode 8 here (S05E08).
  9. Episode 9 (S05E09): The Real Ghostbusters – This is one of the funniest episode I’ve ever watch in Supernatural. Imagine, there’s a Supernatural or Winchester convention initiated by no other than prophet Chuck – the writer of the gospel of Winchester. Watch episode 8 here (S05E09).
  10. Episode 10 (S05E10): Abandon All Hope … – Read the details and the video links HERE > Supernatural Season 5 Episode 10.
  11. Episode 11 (S05E11): Sam Interrupted. – Read the details and video links HERE > Supernatural Season 5 Episode 11
  12. Episode 12 (S05E12): Swap Meat. – Read the details and video links HERE > Supernatural Season 5 Episode 12


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