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Watch Supernatural Season 5 Episode 20: The Devil You Know

Watch the latest episode of Supernatural entitled “The Devil You Know.” The 20th episode of season 5 will be aired on April 28, 2010 Thursday night. The episode is the continuation of the life of the Winchester brothers to stop the apocalypse and beat Lucifer back to hell. On this episode, the brothers tries to get all remaining rings from the horsemen to open the cage for Lucifer and trap him once again to eventually stop the apocalypse. Crowley helped them on this episode but the problem later is that someone from his group got a change of mind and bring Pestilence in action to stop Sam and Dean.

It will be a bloody exciting fight of Sam and Dean against the devil and their desire to stop the apocalypse. As the clips and trailer shown below, it seems that the episode will be another intense drama of the brothers to cope with the recent challenge that they will be facing with the horsemen involved.

Watch Supernatural Season 5 Episode 20: The Devil You Know online.


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