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Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 9 Online

Smallville season 10 episode 9 entitled “Patriot” will be focusing with the vigilante registration law where it seems that the superheroes are endangered to be arrested by the government. Of course, our friends with great super powers, skills and abilities will not agree with this situation. Watch Smallville season 10 episode 9 online replay here at on November 19, 2010, Friday night.

The following is the synopsis and trailer of the new episode of Smallville:

Oliver registers for the new vigilante registration law in order to protect the rest of the team and find out what the government is planning. Oliver’s suspicions are confirmed when the registration location is revealed to be a trap designed to locate and arrest superheroes. Oliver is then transported to an undisclosed jail where Col. Slade Wilson orders “brutal tests” on him.

More of Clark Kent and his friends on the next issue about the Smallville series. I am really worried about Oliver Queen, he seems in trouble with the promo trailer above. Hmmm, will Blur be there? 🙂


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