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Watch Robin Hood (2010) Online Free

Robin Hood (2010)

Robin Hood (2010)

Watch this latest film of Russell Crowe as he plays the legendary thief, Robin Hood. It is another version of the famous legend which features Robin Longstride aka Robin Hood. The movie will be released in theaters this coming May 14, 2010 (that is next week already, the same date of Letters to Juliet).

The new story goes like this: It is late 12th century England and Sir Robin Longstride, Earl of Huntington, (Russell Crowe) has returned to his northern English village after fighting in the Third Crusade. Upon arrival, the nobleman and his servant discover the oppression caused by the new Sheriff of Nottingham (Matthew Macfadyen). Sir Robin uses his intelligence and military skills to free his home village from tyranny and corruption in England, by taking back what is rightfully his, and by taking back what rightfully is theirs, to restore justice and happiness to England. Robin must also win the affection of the recently widowed Lady Marian (Cate Blanchett) while leading his Merry Men of Sherwood Forest to victory and fairness.

Watch Robin Hood online for free and witness the heroic act of the thief from the hood.


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