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Project Nim (2011)

It was told before that Chimpanzee was the original state of Men before they became men. It sure not based on the bible that men came original from apes, but rather ape is the original state of men in the old age. This is a rather fair observation, as you all could see apes quite have the distinct likeness with human especially when it comes to their physical appearance having to stand in two legs, eating with their two hands and thinking imitating actions that people normally do. Impress as you all might have been, I think the upcoming movie this 8th of July 2011 entitled “Project Nim” will make you stand up on your feet and say “Wow”.

Project Nim will be another movie documentation that will show you how much progress they have made on their experimentation with the chimpanzee. This film is somewhat a continuation of the project that they have already started, the project Washoe. This project is headed by experts on behavioural psychology Dr. Herbert Terrace from the Columbia University. In this film, the chimpanzee was taken from her mother at birth and brought to a family in Brownstone, where it was raised, feed, and being social like as if it’s a real live human being. Terry wanted to prove something, that’s why he put up the project Nim to put to challenge Chomsky’s thesis that only humans know how to speak in a form of a dialect.

It sure is quite amazing how Nim was able to adapt to the different activities that people in the family do. They definitely have proved something new about chimpanzee, and it sure is fun to watch how this mammal is able to adapt on the different activities that his human family normally do. He was actually able to do some useful activities like washing the dishes, I mean this is just amazing, right?! This sure is going to be one of the most intriguing documentary movies entitled Project Nim this 8th of July 2011 for sure.


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