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Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 Fight Online – Here’s How!

Watch Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao vs Timothy “Desertstorm” Bradley 2 fight online. This is a rematch between two welterweight fighters set to once and for all end the controversies behind their first match. For Pacquiao followers, you might also been shocked by the split decision result from their first clash. Fans are so “furious” (I know the word is quite exaggerated but I can’t find a much greater word to describe their reactions) about the result and this rematch is so timely to make their thirst for revenge be quenched.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley

Pacquiao vs Bradley

The said Pacquiao vs Braldye 2 fight is set to happen on April 12th of 2014 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. It will be for the WBO welterweight championship fight where the title is currently on the waist of Bradley.

Below is the the face off video of the two with Max Kellerman. You will feel the pressure rising between this two. Specially when Bradley said that Pacquiao is not as dangerous as he was.

Now if you want to watch Pacquiao vs Bradley fight, just go to and search for the match using the search box of the site. You must go the site at 9:00 PM eastern time on April 12 to be prepared with watching the fight via live stream. Links for the said fight is usually shared by several users and viewers of Telepisodes.


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