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New Girl Season 2 Episode 2 this the first two episode in one day because this is their premiere season of New Girl, According to the executive producers Brett Baer and Dave Finkel, what we mostly talked were big-picture topics, like the ways in which they planned to build on the solid yet enjoyably loopy foundations of “New Girl’s” first season, which was not only a critical and commercial success but garnered Emmy nominations for stars Zooey Deschanel and Max Greenfield.

In this episode jess will pretends that she wanted to be someone else that according to his friends I think Jess will not do that but jess was desperately depressed when she was lay off in her job back to Jess when Jess was in the romantic place there a handsome guy appeared and he mistaken her to a blind date. In the meantime, a patron at Nick’s bar claims to be Nick from the future, and Winston’s disapproving mother pays him a visit.

I hope you will not miss this back to back episode of new girl and now their episode titled is Katie and my own opinion we will be more get into and know more deeply about the origin of Katie that she was came from and his background.


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