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Larry Crowne (2011)

Nowadays, education seems to get a hold on people in the industry. If you graduated and you are qualify for the job, then you are absolutely hired with no further question asks. But for those people who got a little bit off shortage in the units that they took in college and or didn’t graduated at all, they face a rather difficult situation in finding work and or maintaining work no matter how talented and good they are. This is just the realities that under college people have to face, just like Tom Hanks in the upcoming movie this 1st of July 2011 entitled “Larry Crowne“.

Larry Crowne is a story of Larry Crowne played by Tom Hanks, who got fired on his work as big box store clerk because of the reason that he wasn’t able to go to college. This was very frustrating for Larry. He’s been getting a couple of awards as the employee of the month for his good performance in work, and they are just going to fire him just like that. Now, because of the unexpected things that had happened in his life, he must now face a rather rare option to go back in reading books and prepare himself to go to college. As he face his life as a college student at the age of 40 he finds it rather unconventional to start studying again, but it seems that life is never late for everything.

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Larry found himself in a class where he has got to get in order for him to get his job back, but Larry found more than that. He’s got a new teacher played by Julia Roberts, who finds teaching teenagers and her life pretty boring. She usually drinks herself to sleep to get over the stress of being a teacher. But then, something happened that made this two more than of a student teacher relationship and that is what you guys have to watch for.

This is going to be a big treat for you guys who love to watch a romantic comedy film this coming 1st of July 2011. This will sure be a lot of fun!

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