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Iron Man is back on Iron Man 2 the sequel to the famous Marvel Comics superhero film. In the sequel new allies and villains are revealed such as War Marchine, Black Widow, Whiplash and a lot of iron-suited villains. The film is expected to hit hard on the box office and planned to break the records of The Dark Night.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Watch Iron Man 2

What I like the film is it shows more of the detail on how Tony Stark lives after US discover him as the flying super hero in iron clad suit. The concert, the girls, the popularity and the danger behind it.

I like the portable suit that he wear when he was attacked by Whiplash in the race track. Really find it cool and want to have it for myself. Can I buy it, please?

Well, I guess this movie really deserves a great place in the box office just like what it got on its previous film. Go Iron man!


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