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HOP (2011)

Would you trade places with the Easter Bunny? He will never take no for an answer! The Easter Bunny works one day a year, doesn’t pass through the customs to go anywhere in the world. Who wouldn’t want a job like that? But four millenniums of Easter tradition seems like a little bit messed up in the modern world, when reluctant EB is to be crowned the next Easter Bunny. And that’s what Hop is all about! An animated motion picture just like those cutesy chipmunks about an ambitious but never hare-brained bunny who’d rather have a career in the field of music and give it up for the drums rather than poop candy and be the Easter Bunny. Hop will be scheduled to wallop through theaters on April 1, 2011. Watch Hop online here at

For starters, here’s how the film goes.

Fred (James Marsden), just like any other off-the-work slacker spends his time wallowing his depression to himself, and his bachelorhood is clearly at stake. Until he drives home one night and hits a bunny with a waistcoat! Meet EB (Russell Brand), the ever-reluctant yet ambitious bunny who longs to tread through Hollywood and rock his way to fame. Two creatures, one human, one rabbit, who both tries to run from adulthood has their lives changed overnight upon meeting each other. Hop also stars spunky blonde Kaley Cuoco, Hank Azaria, Garry Cole, and is directed by Tim Hill for Universal Studios.

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Well, here’s the catch, since Fred ran off with the poor bunny who can’t hop now because with a broken leg he is then pressed into duty to save Easter. Not to mention an army of she-bunnies in pink berets on EB’s heels to drag him back to where he belongs. But the glitch is that our bunny is just feigning injury just so he can manipulate Fred, preventing him from taking shelter on the garage with newspapers, gaining special treatment. And Fred on the other hand stumbles upon the world’s worst houseguest. That would have been cute and cuddly if EB would not be so demanding, but believe me, if you have this bunny, you’d definitely go bonkers to get rid of him. Or perhaps his cuddly and special demeanor (not to mention he poops candy) will make you think on second thoughts. Give the film a try; it’s for the whole family to enjoy!

Now what are you waiting for, watch Hop online now.


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