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Duke Crocker is a resident of Haven, Maine, and the owner of the Cape Rouge. He reads Japanese, and speaks Russian. Duke grew up with Nathan Wuornos, as well as Bill and Jeff McShaw, and Julia Carr. Few years before season 1, Duke returned to Haven, and invites Nathan out on a fishing trip under the pretense of friendship. When in reality, Duke was using Nathan as a cover since he was smuggling goods, and had a good alibi when the coast guard showed up. Soon after he and Nathan got into a fight and fought for over an hour. If you want to see more about Duke just Watch Haven Season 3 Episode 6 Online which will air on October 26.

In Season 2 if you still remember Crocker owned a revolver that was stolen by Jonas Lester in June of 2010. He reported the gun stolen, and was later arrested when the revolver turned up on Tuwiuwok Bluff, at the scene of Lester’s death. Crocker rescued FBI Agent Audrey Parker from drowning on her second day in Haven in June of 2010. He washed her clothes while she slept, and made her coffee – with milk and one sugar – the next morning.

Watch Haven Season 3 Episode 6 Online. Audrey, Nathan, and Duke find themselves trapped inside a notorious haunted house on Halloween nig


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