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“Dr. Callahan is extremely open,” Bree Williamson told The Deadbolt this week ahead of her Haven debut. “She thinks Audrey is great. Even in [my] audition, she was almost like a super fan of Audrey. She knew who Audrey was and she knows exactly what she does and she’s there to help her.” To see more about him just watch Haven Season 3 Episode 3 online which will air on October 5.

Previously on Haven a friendly young psychiatrist who wants to help Audrey with her recent “trauma” and all the crap helping the Troubled can do to the human brain. Ignoring the fact that most psychiatrists don’t do much talk therapy as a rule anymore, Dr Claire is cheerful and friendly and a little tricky but by the end of the episode she’d grown on me. Not as much as the budding friendship-shaped-thing developing between Dwight and Duke but I warmed up a little. She treats the psych issues of the Troubled once Audrey saves them from themselves.

If I were you must watch Haven Season 3 Episode 3: The Farmer, this will an exciting episode for the reason is Audrey and Nathan will encounter a new enemy on bizarre of death that it was came from the serial killer that both of them will confused what is true about the unique trouble in Haven.


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