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Watch Haven Season 3 Episode 2 Online

Each week, as the town-peoples’ dormant powers begin to express themselves, Audrey will try to keep these supernatural forces at bay while unraveling the many mysteries of Haven – including one surrounding her own surprising past in this extraordinary place. Watch Haven Season 3 Episode 2 Online and be one of them to investigate the case.

Last week Episode “301”, no other name was given to it, begins where episode 212, Sins of the Fathers, left off: Audrey Parker is missing and Nathan Wuornos is fighting with Duke Crocker in the belief that Duke is connected to Audrey’s disappearance. They stop when all metal objects in the cabin of Duke’s boat are drawn to the ceiling. Duke takes the opportunity to convince Nathan he’s been framed. Audrey is tied to a post in a cellar and interrogated by a dark figure asking about the Colorado Kid.

Stay is the second episode of the third season of the supernatural American/Canadian television series Haven. It is to be aired on SyFy on September 28. Barbarians run amok in the streets of Haven, and it’s up to Audrey and Nathan to bring the situation under control.


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