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Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 15 Online

You might want to watch Glee season 3 episode 15 replay which episode name is “Big Brother” where the featured songs will include two songs from 1980’s supergroup, Duran Duran. The Glee’s current episode guest Matt Bomer of White Collar TV series which plays as the older brother of Blaine named, Cooper Anderson. So we will expect that the episode will mainly surround with Blaine and his family with tons of flashback.

Blaine and his older bro, Cooper, will perform a mashup of two songs by ‘80s supergroup Duran Duran.

Here’s an excerpt of a recap of the episode from The Wall Street Journal:

If you haven’t heard or seen by now, Blaine’s “Big Brother” is really hot. Hotter than Blaine even! That’s the general opinion among the glee club members when we got introduced to Cooper Anderson (aka Matt Bomer of “White Collar”), whose stint in Hollywood as the singing spokesman of a free-credit-ratings-agency-slash-savings got everyone seeing stars. Even Coach Sue Sylvester wasn’t immune; she made him sign her right breast.
Brought on as a booty-camp trainer to lead the group into tough physical exercises (in her quest to get rid of Coach Roz Washington as a co-Cheerio-coach), Sue knew Cooper was the perfect choice to inspire New Directions in showmanship.
Cooper shows off his talents with little brother Blaine in a mash-up of Duran Duran hits, like “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio.”

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