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Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 8 Online

Watch the latest musical show on TV, Glee season 2 episode 8 with an episode title “Furt” where a wedding might happen as the series features Coach Sue wearing a tracksuit wedding gown which I am not sure if its a dream sequence or a reality but her mother will be visiting her which indicates the greater possibility that the scene was real.

The following is the promotional trailer plus the summary of the Glee season 2 episode 8.

As glee club co-captains Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson move forward in their relationship, club member Kurt Hummel faces a key decision in his life and commences preparations for his father Burt’s impending marriage to Finn’s mother Carole. Wanting to compete, Sue also decides to marry, which brings her Nazi hunter mother Doris to Lima, Ohio for a surprise visit.

Well whatever happens on this episode, will it be a wedding or not what is definite is we are all watching Glee episodes. November 23, 2010 is the air date of this one and can be watched here at


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