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Watch Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 5 Online – The Rebel Flesh (1)

This Saturday, the eleventh Doctor will face another adventure and this time it is far in the future of earth were doppelganger or much known as the “Gangers” are prevalent and been used as laborers by their original counterparts. TARDIS bring him again in a world were impossible things happen and this time, the Gangers was freed by a certain form of solar storm that made them to be independent and at the same time have given a chance to rebel against their originals.

Doctor Who season 6 episode 5 is entitled as “The Rebel Flesh” which air date is May 21, 2011 and the part 1 of the two episodes about the Gangers. It seems that they will be rebelling against their originals and will be deciding if they will eliminate all of them for good so that they will be the one that will remain in the whole wide world.

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