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Bridesmaid (2011)

You might want to read here on what to expect from the movie before you watch Bridesmaid online at Isn’t weddings the best of all occasions? Well, aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving of course when you get to open your presents and stockings filled with treats or snip a morsel of that scrumptious turkey. But weddings are just pretty! Everything bright, with bows and paisley prints, lacey edges and silken dresses, something pretty, something borrowed, and something memorable. Let’s quit focusing on the blushing bride for a second, anyway she gets all the attention when she walks down the aisle like a pageant queen.

The bridesmaids! They are not supposed to be sugar-coated gingerbreads with high heels and bouquets but they are there to assist the bride during the crucial prep months before her big day. Especially the maid-of-honor who needs to get her hands full overseeing things that the bride already checked. Bottom line, she’s the bride’s assistant, confidant, connoisseur, sommelier, and all things that describe a maid. Bridesmaids, a comedy and romance-themed motion picture from director Paul Feig will take steps to walk down theaters’ aisles on May 13, 2011. The plot of the film revolves on the tale of a maid of honor played by Kristen Wiig who competes with one of the bridesmaids (Rose Byrne) for the attention of the bride. It will shed light on the fact how two women who are the bride’s closest friends go to extremes in order to plan the best wedding party and bridal shower as anyone has ever seen. Starring Rose Byrne, Matt Lucas, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig and Kali Hawk.

So to the buxom army of women who are aspiring to be the next bridesmaid and maid of honor, stay put, and see how much do you know about your spot on a wedding day. Think again, because being a bridesmaid is not all about foundation, bronzer, and bouquet tosses, it’s more like broken heels, ripped wedding gown hems, and champagne hangover.

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