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Usher Breaking Down In Tears During His Child Custody Trial

Usher Breaking Down In CourtFor all we know, Usher here is having a hard time both in his personal life, career and now with his kids. I don’t really know where to start, but first off let me tell you that the RNB singer “Usher” we know up screen might actually be different from what he’s actually is in private life. I know that this is more like trying to butt into other people’s businesss. But the fact that Usher here is a Hollywood celebrity makes this more like a must for all. So right now, I will be talking a little bit about Usher and the break down He had during his on going custody trial against his ex-wife Tameka Foster.

What’s happening right now is that Usher here is aksing for more custody with his kids believing that the time He get to spend with his kids is more like not enough for him to act as their father. But then again there’s Tameka Forster’s attorney who tries to convince the court that Usher here don’t need any extension nor to be granted more time to his kids for the singer now actor has a lot of things going on with this life and that his last trip in Europe where he’s been seen partying is what makes him not qualify for more time with his kids and showing that the singer prefers to go partying with people rather than taking care of his kids.

If you think that that’s all there is to make Usher here cry, let me tell you that it’s not. His ex-wife’s lawyer seems to know pretty much a lot about the singer and that told the court that Usher here has been using illegal drugs which includes smoking pot and ecstasy. But then Usher defended himself by saying that He’s never used illegal drugs in front of his kids and that He’s never and has never used such drugs if He will get to meet with his kids. And that’s the time where the singer Usher broke down in tears trying to bring across the message that he’s still a good father to his kids and would want to spend more time with them.


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