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Twentysomething Season 1 Episode 3

Watch Twentysomething Season 1 Episode 3 online replay here at which is air date is September 20, 2011 Tuesday night on ABC-2.

Here is the brief episode summary of the series.

Jess and Josh have a new rental house but no furniture, no job and no money. Josh’s older brother Nick proposes a temporary solution — running Uncle Phil’s cleaning business while he is overseas. Jess is initially horrified by the suggestion but when their power gets cut off it’s clear they don’t have the luxury of being picky. With Phil’s elite clientele, Jess and Josh find themselves cleaning extravagant homes of the rich. The women of the house are attention-starved housewives, Jess spends her days prying into their diaries and cupboards, while the housewives set their sights on Josh. Jess, seeing the women’s interest in Josh’s youthful good looks, immediately finds a way to capitalise on her best friend’s attributes. Before Josh has time to register, his innocent flirtations lead to their most successful venture yet: ‘Erotic House Cleaning’. In revealing outfits, Jess and Josh dance, entertain and fulfil fantasies, giving bored housewives the ‘filthiest clean of their lives’. Meanwhile, Jess’s flirtations outside business hours with her old flame Billy continue to progress until he accidentally spies her leaving a client’s house in the middle of the day in her erotic uniform. Lines get blurred when Josh starts feeling more like an escort than a cleaner and begins to question their choices. It all comes to a head when a senior citizen hires them unaware of the cleaning business’s ‘erotic twist’.

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