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TV Shows to Binge-Watch Before You Die!

There are a lot of shows today that you can watch series online or via your conventional/digital televisions. The following are the shows of yesterday and today that you should watch before you die of old age or whatever cause. 🙂

Dexter – this is number one on my list its because I am enticed with the story line of the series. Who would not like a show that features a serial killer that kills serial killer? It is a mix of crime centered series with a touch of a slasher character who doesn’t have empathy with his victims but follows a certain code in killing and chopping his victims. It contains some sex and bloody scenes that might offend others but for mature audiences like us, this is worth to watch.

The series is about 8 seasons so you should start watching it already to at least finish it about a week of marathon viewing. You’ll definitely enjoy the character of DEXTER and you’ll say what if this guy meet popular serial killers like Ted Bundy, the Horoscope killer, Texas Chain Massacre killer, or Michael Myers what will happen? 🙂

Black Mirror – this is my next series on my list and I’ve been waiting for the next season of this series. Each episode contains some great technological suspense that you don’t want to miss to watch. One of my favorite episode of the show is the episode where it features a technology that can store memories using our eyes and can be reviewed anytime using television or sharing it to other people. Imagine if this really happens in real world, I would gladly install it in my eyes. Of course the TV series show us the side effect of this technological advancement and how it causes so much pain to people.

Right now the series has 4 seasons, special Christmas episode and an interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Prison Break: Resurrection aka Prison Break season 5. This is the follow up series of the PRISON BREAK series which follows Lincoln as he tries to uncover the truth if Michael is really dead or not as he find clues that he is still alive. The fifth season came after eight years the 4th season have ended.

You will definitely don’t want to miss how the story will go after what happened with Michael and the said season is reported to have the most greatest escape engineered compared to the previous season. Wentworth Miller reprises his role  as Michael Scofield and Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrow. More details about this TV show at: “Watch Prison Break season 5 episodes online.”

Mr. Robot. Despite the fact that this show seems so techie and touching about life of hacking and technology, it got a decent thrilling story that even non-techie viewers can appreciate. The episodes are beautifully presented by the actors of the show specially how they present the story to reach even non-coder or even coder a like.

It got some intriguing opinions that you will definitely question about the society, social media and religion. It’s worth a binge-watch IMHO.

Stars Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Carly Chaikin, Portia Doubleday, and Martin Wallström.

The Haunting of Hill House If you’re fond of watching horror-family drama series then you will love these original series from the online streaming site, Netflix. The series follows Hugh and Olivia Crain and their children as they face paranormal phenomena that led to tragic event that affects their lives forever. It got great scare and got some tear-jerking stories that any fan of ghost series should watch. Update: Netflix confirmed that there will be 2nd season for this series and it will be renamed as The Haunting Anthology.

More series will be added in my next update so watch out. For more series to watch online, visit Telepisodes today!


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