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TV Series to Watch This Christmas Holiday

Christmas is in the air and its the day of the year where you love to binge watching TV shows with your couch and your favorite snacks and turkey.

So if you’re ready for a long hour of viewing of video streams of TV series, here are some of the shows that you might want to consider to include in your Christmas bucket list to watch.

  1. White Christmas episode of Black Mirror – well this quite give a pinch in the heart with the usual Black Mirror dark tale on technology and how it affects people’s lives. Imagine the feeling of being “blocked” physically by your loved one during this season of love and giving.
  2. Big Bang Theory – if you want tons of laugh during the holidays, then this show is a must watch. The BBT gang is on their last season and they are not failing from making us laugh and a great laugh is much more pricey than any gift that you can buy this yuletide season. Here’s a sample of funny moments from the show:
  3. Elseworld crossover episode of Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow. This upcoming crossover episode of the fantasy series features a different world for these The CW hero universe where their identity were different from they’ve known. Arrow is the Flash and The Flash is the Arrow and a Batwoman was reveled. Will that be exciting?
  4. The Haunting of Hill House – horror series in Christmas time, why not? You will definitely love this family centered horror TV series from Netflix. Just prepare your heart from time to time scare. Well you will definitely enjoy each episode of it.
  5. More show to add later….


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