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Tiger Woods Mistress Is Now Pregnant! But Who’s The Father?

This is going to be something interesting! i don’t know if you already know the girl in the picture, but for some of you who don’t! Let me give you some facts about her and then tell me if you recognized her or not! The girl in the picture is none other than the beautiful and sexy Rachel Uchitel who’ve dominated the front page last year 2009 not because of her gorgeous looking body and or sexy face, but because of the said scandal in one of the most popular golfer of all time! You still don’t get it? Then let me just state the name of the guy whom she had not only have sex, but allegedly have been a mistress too! It’s none other than the famous, Tiger Woods!

Rachel Uchitel and Matt HahnI’m sure that for some of you who doesn’t know it yet it’s a big shocker! But for some, this is but an old story which is true! You heard that right! The so called scandal of Tiger Woods who’s formerly¬† married to Elin Nordegren have been devastating and that it ended up into a painful divorce after the said scandal was put into public! It was so big that it actually been the top news of some high ranked magazines and television shows around the world. If you think about it, it was but all because of Rachel who sternly brought herself out in the public and claimed that issues about her and Tiger we’re true! i don’t really know who the guy who actually brought it out, but everything’s clear now and that it made her a star which is now already married!

You heard that right! The 36 year old Rachel Uchitel here is married to the 25 year old former NFl player Matt Hahn. And for all you guys thinking if this is another joke and or if the guy is married, let me tell you that he’s single and that he’s the guy who made Rachel pregnant! This is far different from what we all know she is and or what she would end up. She’s happily pregnant now and that she’s on her 5 months now which makes her wait down to 4.

This is actually a good news! Who would’ve thought that she’d actually find a man who will take her seriously after what she’s done! There’s also this news that the two we’re already married and that their leaving together in San Francisco which was rumored to have been bought to her by Tiger Woods.


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