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The Ward (2011)

It’s been quite silent these days, not hearing any frantically amazing stories about ghosts and thrilling movies in the past, but this is about to change this coming 8th of July 2011, prepare yourself as you will soon be haunted by nurses and doctors who does not care about the health of their patients but is more on bringing them into the darkness making their nights in “The Ward” as hell as it could possibly be.

There is no getting wrong that this movie entitled “The Ward” by Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen who’s directed by John Carpenter is going to take you deep into the halls of “The Ward” where you will start to feel fear, horror and realization that there is no way out. This is another thrilling story of a girl named Kristen, played by “Amber Heard” who hysterically burnt an old farmhouse for no valid reasons. She was then brought by the cops to a Psychiatric Hospital in North Bend thinking that she was out of her mind. After that, she found herself waking up surrounded by unusual face of nurses who seemed pretty much disturbed and anxious of her being the new patient inside the special ward section. She then tried to socialize with other people inside the ward, but then most of the people inside that ward we’re people who literally are insane and out of their minds. In that hospital, she finds herself taking care of by Dr. Stinger “Jarred Harris”, who is the chief doctor in that Psychiatric hospital. Together with Dr. Stinger and the nurses, they tried to find the real reason what made Kristen burned the house.

This story is more than what it seems like. As Kristen find herself being surrounded by nurses and doctors who were somewhat trying to help her, she then realizes that it’s not the hospital in which they can help her. She then found herself being followed by a strange dark hallowed shadow everywhere she goes. Right now, all she can think of is how to get out of “The Ward”, where no one was able to get out alive.


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