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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 – Judge, Jury, Executioner

Watch The Walking  Dead season 2 episode 11 online with an episode name of Judge, Jury, Executioner which air date is March 4, 2012 Sunday night at 9pm eastern time. The new episode continues with what had 18 Miles Out had left off where an outsider “rocks the world” of the Rick and Shane’s group back in the farm. In this episode, it seems that the cruelty of human begins to surface as they will try to come to a decision involving the kid outsider. Watch The Walking Dead online free.

It seems that Rick agrees with Shane’s justice which makes Dale to worry about them losing their humanity. Well, this only shows how desperate these guys to live their lives inside the farm house.

Shane should not be trusted. His mutiny against his best friend Rick shows how this “snake” will bite them later. What do you think guys? I’ve read from spoilers that Shane might die this 2nd season but who will be the “antagonist” next time.

Meanwhile, the actions of Carl have a consequence.

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