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The Truth About J.Lo’s Nipple Exposure At the Oscar!

Jennifer Lopez's Nipple ExposedA lot of you people are probably thinking whether or not Hollywood actress and singer Jennifer Lopez had gotten all these attention in the media because one of her nipple slipped outside her dress? Well, to tell you honestly, it seems to me that this is far worse that what all you guys think! But for Jennifer Lopez, it’s but one of those many things that normally happens when you get into this slinky and sexy dress! And all that she can do for now is to just laugh about it!

So, did Jennifer Lopez nipple slipped outside her areola outfit! You might be shocked at what you are about to hear and maybe dismay too! But the truth about all these fuzz and rumours about it is not true! Well, the one that’s been giving all that big fuss about the made incident were but the media, and according to Jennifer Lopez personal stylist, it was not her nipple and that it was a shadow from the lighting! According to some inside info, and Rob Zangardi himself together with co-stylist Mariel Haenn, they were the ones who put Jennifer Lopez in the dress and that they made sure that she’s in there “tightly packed” and that they made sure that nothing will ever slip outside it!

One more thing, they told all the rumours and the controversies about the dress and the nipple thing to Jennifer Lopez! And you know what?! She’s not affected about it! In fact, she just laughed it out thinking that it was but a big joke and misunderstanding! I don’t know, it seems like J’Lo here is not affected at all! This might or might not be a big deal for her, but it sure is to her fans and the paparazzi covering the 2012 Oscar event! Either way, at least we get to know the truth!


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