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The Truth About Aliens And Their Mission Here On Planet Earth! “The Darkest Hour” Movie

For some time now, there have been a lot of talks regarding to whether or not these aliens we’re true. Some said that it was but some hallucinations that us people has and that there we’re no truth and or facts about it. I say their wrong! There have been a lot of people who’ve experienced such and that it made them realized even more that such aliens we’re true and that not of just an imaginary figure. I say, they’re right and this upcoming movie entitled “The Darkest Hour” is going to show you why they’re here. This is going to be a sci-fi film that will bring together the facts and or the ideas that people has about them.

The Darkest Hour MovieIf you get to see and or watch the trailer of it, you’ll get the idea that the whole concept and or the theoretical thinking of the writer and the director of the film we’re but all about invasion and somewhat survival of the fittest. If you get to see it, you’ll definitely find it interesting. Writer Jon Spaihts together with director Chris Gorak made sure that this movie is going to put the viewers at the end of their seats grasping for air because of the untamed and somewhat thrill and dazzling horror that the alien brings. They made sure that they are going to work on the theories and somehow what the people we’re all but thinking about them. It’s just putting into reality what you people know about such species.

This upcoming film will be out to get you this coming Christmas Day, December 25, 2011! A perfect movie to bring you some hotness in the cold breeze of the Holidays. Actually, the thing about this movie is somehow related and what not to movies about the destruction of the world. But, here’s the twist. There are still survivors. The thing is, the remaining survivors we’re but only 5 and that they we’re but the only one’s left who has the chance to take back what was once theirs.The people I’m talking about here are but normal and that not of any scientist’s and or some genius guys. With that,we are but left with no choice but to hope that they get to somehow figure out something to counter attack these aliens.

In this movie you will get to see Emile Hirsch playing the role of “Sean” together with Olivia Thirlby as “Natalie”, Rachael Taylor as “Anne”, Joel Kinnaman as “Skyler” and Max Minghella as “Ben” who we’re but the five survivors of the said Alien Invasion.


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