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The Terminator 3 Star Missing For Almost Week Now

The Terminator 3 Star Missing For Almost Week NowI bet that you’ve been hearing a lot of stuff and rumors about people getting snatch out of nowhere! In short, they got kidnapped and brought to someplace where people can’t find them. And right now, this seems to be what is happening to the Terminator 3 actor Nick Stahl aka “John Connon”. He’s actually not that kid from before anymore because He’s grown a little bit taller now and that He’s actually 32 years old already. Going back, let me inform you that Nick Stahl or should I say John Cannon has gone missing for some time now and that His wife and friends don’t seem to know where He’s at.

Before you conclude a lot of things, let me tell you straight forward that this is no movie scene or some trailer to promote the upcoming Terminator movie if there is. This is real life and the 32 year old star is actually missing for about a week now. It was actually his wife who filed for a missing person report with the Los Angeles Police Department “LAPD” and said to them that Stahl’s might actually be involve in some illegal activities that triggered the said event.

According to her wife, Stahl’s here might actually be at the Skid Row area just downtown Los Angeles. She also said that Stahl’s might be in a grave danger and that He might actually be in a bad condition right now because of illegal drugs. A proof of it is the report filed by Nick Stahl’s wife regarding to what might actually be a right gut feeling that Her husband might have been fallen in using illegal drugs. And now, that’s what everyone including the police officials are putting into consideration and that they are trying to connect the dots hoping that it will lead them straight to Nick’s whereabouts.


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