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The Shocking Premiere For Men In Black 3 In Germany

Men In Black 3 Premiere In GermanyAre you ready for some alien action, if you think that Men in Black is over well think again. After the succesful release of Man in Black 1 and 2 now comes Man in Black 3 offcourse with the same old main actors Will Smith and Josh Brolin. On the previous Men in Black 2 J succesfully defended the Earth with the help of K but offcourse before they did that they first bring back the memory of K of being an MIB agent because on the First MIB after they finished theyre mission J becoming a new MIB agent K then decided to quit being an MIB agent which means that all of his memories of being an agent should be erased so that he could start a brand new life as a ordinary citizen.

Well, in the upcoming Men In Black 3 its a lot more interesting with the twist of time travel as J will be trying to save K from allien assasination in the past 60’s in order for K to be alive at the present time. Which means J will be facing a lot of allien actions and look out for some cool weapons that would blow your imaginations off. WIll J be able to stop the allien envasion and safe his partner K? Lets all find out when MIB 3 comes out of the cinema.

But talk about invasion, the red carpet that the stars of MIB Will Smith and Josh Brolin was envaded by the gorgeous German bikini Model Micaela Scaefer with a unique and eye catching attire. A dress made of black garbage bags strips and a sporting necklace, she truly made an appearance that im sure everyone would never forget. I thought that she was a new cast of the MIB 3 but unfortunately she’s not. Anyway’s, Micaela here sure did added some spice in the premiere and the main casts of the show appreciated it! In some ways… I think!


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