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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star’s Fire Trouble In Garage

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star's Fire Trouble In GarageKim Zolciak star of Real Housewives of Atlanta was very thankful for the fast response of the Roswell Fire Departmen in Georgia. It was reported that there was a fire at the Real Housewives of Atlanta star at around 9:35 am, the fire was spotted at the garrage of her house. Thanks to the fast response of the Roswell Fire Department they were able to send a fire track and instantly put down the fire. Kim was really happy and very thankful to the Roswell Fire Department because if its not for them maybe her whole house would be burnt down and who might know some of her family members might get hurt during the fire. But luckily and because of the quick response of the Roswell Fire Department none of the family members are hurt and they managed to put down the fire before it causes more damage.

This would mean the Kim Zolciak would be more cautious when it comes on fire prevention on her house and ofcourse we will still be seing her in Real Housewives of Atlanta where she will sure continue in giving you more of her frantic laugh and dangerous moves to keep up with her fast phase life, not to mention her husband who’s like all over the place and that she can’t barely keep up.

For those of you who’ve actually haven’t seen the show, Real Housewives in Atlanta is quite new and that it’s actually a good show same as the most loved “The Real Housewives In New York City”. The only difference is that it’s in Atlanta and not in New York.


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