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The Perfect House for the Upcoming Jwoww & Snooki Reality Show!

Snooki & Jwoww's New HouseI did some research about the upcoming reality twists off of Snooki and Jwoww from the popular hit television show online called Jersey Shore! Right now, they are both going to do one of their original shows in which they are but the one’s who’s going to star in it! I bet that the other members of Jersey Shore we’re but happy while some like Mike here seem to be a little bit depressed for they have been throwing negative comments about his sexuality! Going back! Right now, I will be giving you some of the inside info’s you will have to know about the house where they will get to shoot the show!

Let me tell you that this house where Snooki and Jwoww will get to stay is just awesome! There are a lot of things in this house that they will surely love! The house is but a 150 year old firehouse complete with kitchen, iron spiral staircase, bedrooms and an authentic fire pole! This is more or less the one thing that seems to have gotten the attention of the crews on the show since it has no bathtub or whatsoever. I bet that you and your friends are excited about the new show and the new twists in the show! Of course you should! This is where Snooki and Jwoww will be doing some of their girly stuff and limitless of flirting!

And by the way! Before I forgot! Let me tell you that while and even after doing the scenes of the show, the guards who we’re but assigned to them will remain and will be doing their job at a distance making sure that these girls will pay for such violation that they are about to make! That’s part of the contract and that they will have to live with it!


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