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The Perfect Emotional Movie This Christmas! The “War Horse” Movie Review!

This one is something that will bring you into some consideration that there is this certain connection between us humans and animals! What I’m going to talk about here is the connection between a guy named Albert and his best friend Joey! Joey not what you think of! He’s a horse! And by that, he’s still and will remain to be Albert’s best’s friend ever! This is a story from writer Lee Hall which exactly gives you something to look forward for this coming Christmas! It’s understanding and really feeling the depth emotion of a human to his horse friend, vice versa!

War Horse MovieThis will definitely make you cry, laugh and be touched as they story comes to open in your favorite cinema’s worldwide!  A story made true by the famous writer and director Steven Spielberg! An action packed adventure about friends who’ got themselves tangled up with the World War 1! It started off when Alfred here saw Joey! Joey at first was a wild untamed horse who’s pretty much in a gap when it comes to going anywhere near with humans! He prefers to be out of the wild fee! But something happened that made him this much close to Albert! And because of that, they’ve became friends and a partner in crime! But something happened that they weren’t expecting! The world went to war and that it separated the two of them! This movie will follow Joe’s life as he desperately seeks to find his friend Albert, together with the fact that he will be used in war! You will see him as he touches and inspires the man in the war with his brave heart, fearing nothing to find the comfort and or to have a glimpse of his good friend!

Indeed, this is a movie that will make you be inspired and or cry as every event is meaningful! The story is just genuinely moving, plus the fact that they have here some really good and not to mention perfect actors and actresses playing different roles in the movie! They have here Emily Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Celine Buckens, David Knoss, Toby Kebell, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irvine and a whole lot more! This is going to be a great movie! IF you love seeing such a high quality movie with a great story and great actors with it! Then this is what you are looking for! The perfect movie that will give something to remember this Christmas!


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