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The People Who Doesn’t Believe In Christianity! The Wicker Tree Movie

For some obvious reasons, there have been a lot of people who are but in an opposition when it comes to being a member of the so called Christianity! Is it hoax and or something that set apart people who believes in God from those who does not! I don’t really know what the root of all this! But there we’re stories before about these people and that they are certainly not a follower nor a believer of the Father and or the Son! They are more like a Satan follower which is considered now as aristocrat.

The Wicker Tree MovieWell, for all you guys who want to hear more about them, then this is but the perfect time to introduce you to this upcoming movie entitled The Wicker Tree which kind of relates and hits some points in the so called Christianity and Aristocratic way of thinking. The story is from the creative thinking of director Robin Hardy which tells the tale of Christian follower and a cowboy Steve together with her partner and a so called gospel singer Beth in their quest to make people understand what Christianity is. Remember, this is a story we’re Christianity is not yet well known. This is around decades ago where people’s belief are but not with God’s, but more in praising animals and or stuff that they feel worth praising. Going back, Steve and Beth here are on their way to Ireland when they met this guy named Lachlan. They we’re in shock for they never thought that they would encounter such a true hearted aristocrat who opposes the so called Christian.

This movie will be tackling some of the harshest issues when it comes to religion! And to tell you the truth, this is going to be big! Something that everyone will be talking about! This film is directed by Robin Hardy. A drama, horror with a mystery & suspense film that will absolutely bring you some amazing and realistic stories about religion! This is going to be something great, that’s for sure!


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