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The Now Famous Barack Obama 3-Wing Meal

Barack Obama 3-Wing MealTalking about something that will bring the people around the world into a shock! Before you even think about anything else, let me just first tell you that this is no major world dissaster or a constitution that the President of the United States have put up. This is but a mere representation of how close and up tigh President Barrak Obama is when it comes to openly eating at a public resto or somewhat a public Diner called the Roscoe.

If you have no ideas what this is all about, let me just say that the President of the United States made another interesting course in history today! This is not about the war in Iraq or the the misunderstanding in Korea. This is more like a fun time and a show of appreciation from one of the diner that President Barrack Obama was once a regular customer. This began long before when He was still the Commander-In-Chief and that He’s favourite was the 3-Wing meal just last October.

Because of the memories that President Obama made in the Roscoe’s diner. The owner of the said resto decided to rename the meal and name it after the President, “Obama’s Special 3 Wings”. Epic, right?! Idon’t know what you thik! But for me, this is like one of the must feature in the entertainment world and business today! I bet that that special meal is getting ordered by people today! And it’s just worth $8.90.


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