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The Judge Who Enforced Bruno Mars And Paris Hilton In A Drug Case Is Going To Jail

David Schubert Drug CaseYou got that right! It seems like the case in which the former Deputy District Attorney David Schubert was handled back fired at him! If you don’t know yet, this is the guy who prosecuted Hollywood Singer Bruno Mars together with Hollywood Actress Paris Hilton for drug violations, especially cocaine just 9 months ago. This is actually a big shock for all! I mean, who would imagine that Attorney David Schubert here is the one who’s using such illegal drugs and also the one who’s trying to bring it the Hollywood Stars.

Right now, the Hollywood Stars both Bruno Mars and Paris Hilton wants the attorney to pay for what he’s done! It’s like the only thing they can do to get back at him. I’m not saying that they have this grudge at him, All I’m saying is that this guy should pay for what he’s done! Well, if you are thinking how Attorney David Schubert got caught, then I would love to tell you the details. But before you conclude anything, let me tell you that Bruno Mars and Paris Hilton don’t have anything to do about it! It just happens that the attorney barked in the wrong neighborhood.

Attorney Schubert here got busted by the cops when they found a crack of cocaine worth around $40 in his car together with the unregistered pistol last March. Because of that, He became one of those prosecutors who was but branded as a shame and a disgrace to their oath both to God and in the law. Right now, they are both waiting for Schubert to turn himself on or before March 12, 2012 where He is said to be sentenced a 9 month in jail.


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