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The Guy Who Made The Big Spartacus Cut!

It’s such a pity how things from the previous “Spartacus” star “Andy Whitfield” is not being able to carry on his duty and responsibility being one of the main star of the show because of cancer. If you still haven’t heard the big news, let me just tell you that the actor passed away last September 11, 2011 at he age of 39!

Liam Mclntyre "Spartacus"It was indeed a big shock not only for his family, but also for those who he have been working with in the Hollywood industry, especially to his Spartacus directors and staff! But did you know that before the actor said goodbye to the big screen, he was able to pick someone who can be the best fit in his stead! The man I’m talking about is the guy from the television show “The Pacific”, the man himself Mr. Liam Mclntyre!

This was both a shock and a surprise to Mclntyre! He just never thought that he’s the man that both the producers and the directors of the show! It was a blessing in disguise and that he said that he’s not sure if he can surpass Andy’s dedication and well act when it comes to pertaining the gladiator in the show! But for sure, he’ll do his best!

Well, according the directors and the CEO of the show Mr. Chris Albrecht, they took Mclntyreknowing what his capable of! They we’re drawn with his lean body which is just a perfect fit plus the fact that he seems to have this gladiator thing in his blood! They also said that they we’re not expecting him to surpass Andy, but is definitely trusting him that he can lead the show!

Right now, everybody’s excited to watch the upcoming show of Spartacus: Blood And Sand! There’s just a lot of things to expect and that with Mclntyre being the new Spartacus, for sure he will bring something new to the table!

All of them we’re pretty good at what the directors including the CEO have decided! Mr. Mclntyre here is showing a pretty big potential in bringing the show to the top! For all we know, he’s but ready any time to get his shirt off and be naked!


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