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The Flash: Who Is Savitar? Theories and Revelations

The most recent villain that our favorite superhero in The CW is Savitar, the so-called God of Speed and the speedster that will kill The Flash‘s greatest love, Iris West. People are asking if who is the person behind the Savitar’s mask and theories are being made out of the stories that the TV series have laid out for the past few episodes of the series.

After watching the latest episode of The Flash, here are some candidate characters that might be The Savitar.

The Flash Episode: The Flash Season 3 Episode 19: The Once and Future Flash

  1. Another Barry Allen  – he is number one on my list and a lot of Flash writers out there are also putting their bets with him. There’s a great possibility that he is the same guy behind Savitar’s mask. There’s a possibility that he is the remnant from the clash of Zoom and The Flash where his other self died in the process to prevent Zoom from succeeding from his plans. His other version is possibly been trapped in the Speed Force and in the process of being trapped their forever, he got so broken that he wants to kill Barry Allen to end his misery or get back to him from making him to suffer that way.
  2. Ronnie Raymond – he is the greatest love of Kaitlyn Snow aka the Killer Frost. If you watched the most recent episode of the show, you will see how Kaitlyn Snow suddenly trusted Savitar after showing his true identity. He trust him as if he knows him well which he is the only one who falls from this kind of affection from our ice princess. Aside from that his blue fire aura or blue speed force when he becomes the FIRESTORM and he died from the last season and we don’t really know what happen to him after that. Possibly he was absorbed or locked inside the speed force and gained a godly speed power that made him Savitar.
  3. HR Wells – before I watched episode 19 of the 3rd season, I still see him as a possible candidate even with his comedic and not-so intelligent character, he is still a mystery for me. But after seeing what happened with the future, I already doubt this theory. Maybe another Wells from other Earth.

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How about you who do you think is the most likely candidate to be the Savitar?

Here are some of interesting theories from fans on Youtube about the true identity of Savitar:


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