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The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl & DC’s LOT Crossover Sucks! or It’s Just me!

I watched all the episodes of the “INVASION” crossover episodes of The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow where Supergirl was also featured. I find it over kill and super lousy. I don’t know maybe it’s just me.

One particular scene that I find over kill is the scene in the Arrow episode where, The Flash and Supergirl take on a villain where they want an energy cell. Imagine, Supergirl can easily get it done but I don’t know why they need to throw here back and forth just to make sure they get what they want. I know Arrow‘s sidekick have some issues with the metas but that scene does not mean anything to improve his beliefs. Oh well maybe they just want to show up to the sidekick what the meta humans are capable of.

Another scene that raises my eyebrows and question the story is the opening scene of The Flash. After watching Legend’s of Tomorrow‘s Invasion episode, I found out that they actually want Barry Allen (sorry for the spoiler for those who weren’t able to watch it yet). If that’s there plan in the first place, why they didn’t attack him when they first saw him. They just run thru him and let the superheroes join forces to counter their plans. Its ridiculous. Oh well, maybe its just me!

Despite, I find the episodes this way, I will still watch The Flash episodes. I just love how the stories are going on right now with this speedster. Love how he break the timeline and how he handle these things. With Arrow and DC’s LOT, I honestly didn’t watch the 1st season to the current season of this series. Only the crossovers so maybe I’ll watch it when I find time.

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