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Terminator 3 Star Finally Found, Not On the Streets, but In the Rehab

Terminator 3 Star Finally Found, Not On the Streets, but In the RehabFor some of you who’s been like always on the new trend when it comes to Howllywood’s news, you might actually remember this guy from Terminator 3 who’s wife, Rose Stahl reported his not so popular husband, Nick Stahl missing for more than a week now and that she’s suspecting that her husband Nick might actually gotten into trouble with illegal drugs and might actually got dragged downtown by some men who she believes Nick owns something. I don’t really know the story behind all this, but it seems like Nick’s wife here is all worried about his whereabouts that’s why she decided to call the cops and reported that He was missing.

If you too are worried whether or not Nick Stahl here from terminator 3 is still alive, then let me tell you that yoy don’t have anything to worry about! The thing is that, Rose here got an email from her friends regarding to her wife’s whereabouts and was told that Nick here got himself into rehab hoping to change his self for the better. You got that right! Nick here is doing illegal drugs and have finally decided to get clean. The only problem I see here is that Rose here sems to have not been informed and it’s making her all worried for him.

Right now, the issue whether or not Nick is still alive is over. But then there’s this question on whether or not Rose here will file a divorce on Nick which actually happens right after the wife finds out that her husband is doing drugs, right?! But here, it seems like Rose has no plans or whatsoever tofile a divorce and that she’s still hoping for the best in terms of them being a family and that right now, she’s planning to visit Nick at the rehab for support.


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