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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 8: Lunatic

Watch Teen Wolf episode 8 entitled “Lunatic” which original airing is July 18, 2011 Monday night on MTV. As the second full moon is fast approaching, Scott is so worried about her transformation and believes that he might kill someone if he turns on the said full moon. Stiles of course is there for him to help him cope with the situation but he might not keep up with the strength and desire of the wolf nature within Scott. Meanwhile, Jackson is flirting with Allison which is taken by Scott negatively and asked Allison to avoid him.

Derek is still on the run. Running both from The Alpha and the hunters.

What will happen next with our favorite Teen Wolf? Witness it and watch the full replay of Teen Wolf season 1 Episode 8 online here at Available on different video format depending on its availability on different sources online.

Teen Wolf 2011 series airs every Monday night at 10pm  on MTV Channel and can also be watched on different cable TV on different time slot so if you want to watch it on TV check your local cable provider for the schedule.


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