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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 7 – Night School

Watch Teen Wolf episode 7: Night School which air date is July 11, 2011 Monday night. The next episode will surround with Scott being trapped inside the high school as they are waiting for the arrival of “The Alpha” which makes his first appearance in the series on Teen Wolf episode 6: Heart Monitor. The Alpha is known to be the primary antagonist and “very bad guy” of the Teen Wolf series who is known to be the creature that turn Scott to what he is right now after he bite the latter.

The Alpha is also known for killing the sister of Derek and eve possibly killed him which was shown from the last episode that Derek was inflicted with a deadly wound from the ferocious werewolf. Can the hunters handle this kind of being or will Scott can stop him? It seems not possible as his powers is beyond the comprehension of an ordinary people and a noob werewolf like Scott.

Well find out and watch Teen Wolf season 1 episode 7 online to witness yourself the every moment of Scott and Allison in Teen Wolf series.


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